Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Powerpuff Girls Pokemon Sex

“Okay, but please don’t look.”

“What” I exclaimed “you’re NOT going to fuck me now?”

"Take it off, turn around, back to me, and bend over, touch your toes"

I ripped her dirty panties off and shoved them in her mouth gagging her with them.

"Good. I am out of here. I will see you all later," I said and left.

I reached behind me and spread my butt cheeks wide, exposing my asshole. Mrs. Meyer put the tip of her cock against my anus and began to smear it with pre-cum. I tried to relax my sphincter as I felt her dick begin to enter me. It was a strange mix of pleasure and pain, but it felt amazingly good. I understood why Bethany had turned from a sweet virgin to a butt-slut overnight. This was an incredible feeling! My butt muscles flexed as I tried to take all of her ten inches into me.

"Neat!" Katie exclaimed, and as the Sniders' went to get their night clothes on they exchanged looks that congratulated each other, because so far everything was going just as they had planned it.

"Do you want me to tell you?"

"Sam, you know, that fantasy has always intrigued me. I just never thought you were interested in things like that."

"Now?" I asked.

Susanne told me that she couldn't really look at Nauroo at first when he came into the room, when called by Dr. Bointoo. "Nauroo," the doctor broke the silence, "have you heard the term 'substitute husband'?" For a moment Nauroo looked from one to another. Then a knowing grin swept over his face. "Of course I do," he said. "Everyone does."

"Amazing. I would never have guessed."

"Ah, I see. I am the token affirmative action male then..." I joked, "Just kidding, I am quite anxious to start work and make a contribution to the firm."

"I guess!" Mary replied. "And everything has been so wonderful!"

Chapter Eight: The Proud Cry of a Silver Dragon

Kerri sighed and groaned as her fingers slide all the way in to the thick pie. "Oh babe it is so damn soft and smooth."

"When are we going to hook up?" he asked as he gave her a big hug after she entered the studio.

"Hey Nick," Ashlee said in her sexy voice.